Sep. 23rd, 2011

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Parks and Rec is taking a dive. Or rather, is finally hitting the water after beginning its dive last season. I loved seasons 1 & 2, found 3 subpar, and last night's season 4 opener virtually unwatchable. I'll keep hoping for the best, but if that show was any indication of what we can expect, I'll be tuning out sooner than later. Sad, too, cause I really love most the characters. Where are all the Brendanawiczs of yesteryear?

I completely missed this week's ep of Free Agents. It's dvr'd but I can't bring myself to even bother hitting play. I find it hard to care what happens on Merlin and 30 Rock is on hiatus, which leaves only Dexter to look forward to.

Last night I dreamed Mary Tyler Moore was very old and on her deathbed. I wept for her like I would my own mother.


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