Sep. 21st, 2011

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My daughter turns 16 tomorrow. Oof! Which is about the extent of what I am capable of expressing how I feel about that.

We have to go to our youngest's Back to School Night tonight. I already know I do not like his teacher. We served on a committee together for years. Maybe she's not as big a dope as she let on? Nah. She is.

My house is not ready for tomorrow's coffee and cake. Mebbe I can convince husband he should attend BtSN alone, so's I can clean. Thing is, he's way way more likely to get things done than I am. It isn't easy being married to Superman. Did Lois Lane suffer from feelings of inadequacy, too?

Watched Ringer last night. SMG was perfectly cast as Buffy. As anyone else? Meh. She's just not that good an actress, is she? I love her, but this fact appears inescapable. Still, I won't stop rooting for her. Even if she is a Republican. :P


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