Sep. 8th, 2011

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What news?

Well, there's this. Mmm, I love Schweddy balls, don't you?

Then there's this. "Did you ever want to hear Giles talk dirty?" Yuh-huh. But how dirty will he actually get to talk at 8:30pm on NBC, hmm? Not dirty enough for me, that's for sure.

Next, younger son has fallen in love with The Dick Van Dyke Show which I'm certain now places him well ahead of the others as my favorite. I can't believe he's going to stop loving us in only a couple of years. *smooshes him now while I still can*

And lastly, Bombs May Explode in Demented September 11 10th Anniversary Memorial. Jeez, crazy terrorists, you don't need to kill us again to keep New Yorkers frightened. I've been shaking in my boots for a decade with no sign of relaxing any time in the near future. Maybe you should blow up someplace else this time around. Please?


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