Sep. 2nd, 2011

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For the first time in the history of our marriage husband has intimated that I might be allowed to sit out this family visit. Do I take him up on the silent offer? He'd be much happier, I'd wager, not having to give my immense discomfort a thought, but what of the children? He does have a tendency to completely ignore all of us when around his family. How would they fare? Our girl would be fine. She asks for exactly what she needs in any given circumstance, but our boys? Older son, in particular? Husband can be quite oblivious to his subtle cries for halp. On the other hand, husband has also recently morphed into Amazing Man. I find myself shocked and awed by how utterly competent he's suddenly become. I love adult men. Teh sexeh.

I have delicious fantasies of having the house to myself. Not *those* kinds of fantasies. Get yer mindz out of the gutter. I mean, a bed in which I am the only occupant, instead of the third. A teevee I am not forced to share. Time that is all mine, mine, mine, get your own. Sounds heavenly. Husband says, "You've never been by yourself. You don't know how lonely it can be. Time moves strangely when we're not all together." Hmm. I could live with that.

My only problem (aside from missing seeing sister-in-law and her fam) would be husband's driving. I am the only really good driver this house has. Husband tells me falling asleep on the highway that time was a fluke, but once was enough for me to lose faith. He also has a tendency to become distracted by shiny things - "Ooh look at that!" while the car veers perilously out of its lane. That is no fluke. He does it every time he gets in the driver's seat.


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