Sep. 1st, 2011

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Some days, I'd give anything for my rl friends to join internet play, but they're such stick-in-the-muds. We could have such fun frolicking, but instead they have to be all hrmphy. Thank heavens for you guys. *smishes*

Spent the morning helping younger son complete his haikus for the summer reading program. Older son just needs to finish his mini reports and we're all set. Yay. Have we ever been this ahead of the game? Uh uh. Progress!

Much, much to do to get ready though still. I'm drowning under piles of laundry. Will I ever catch up? Magic 8-Ball says outlook not so good. Bastard. I think it enjoys taunting me.

I've been going over expenses, trying to figure out why we have no money. Time to retrench, but that's really hard to do when my daughter is about to turn sixteen and Christmas is not too far around the corner. Plus, if we can swing it, we'd like to return to Disney next winter and send our girl to Europe for a month next summer. Too ambitious? Let's see. There must be something we could cut back on that would give us more cash in the future. Money's funny like that. Pennies add up quick.

Just found out my son's therapist has cancer. Of the what, I don't know, but she's been out for weeks and won't be back anytime in the near future. Most sad making. She's a good egg and, most importantly, she gets my kid. Doesn't freak when he says outrageous things. We're meeting with a new guy in the interim. I hope to heck he's cool and not a nutjob. It's surprising how many therapists are.

All righty. Must get crackin. Later, bubbies.


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