Aug. 27th, 2011

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Hurricanes are vexy. Crazy week is just getting crazier.

Occurred to me yesterday that we hadn't been to the grocery store since we returned from the Cape, so I popped over to Stop and Shop early, along with everyone else on earth. We jammed in, waited in long lines, struggled to get to the last bottles of water. Whole shelves of bread and milk and batteries were wiped clean. It looks like the end of the world, the end of the world. Should we be the kind of people who own a gun, so's we can fight off marauders that wants to steal our good, good stuff?

Husband and I finally broke down and bought a generator. When the wind blows 25 mph, we lose power, so we're pretty much guaranteed to have it go out tomorrow. Woez. So husband buys the last one. It's in a ratty box, it costs a fortune, and weighs a ton. He and the Home Depot guy can hardly get it into the car. Halfway home, husband realizes gas is pouring out of the thing, as fumes threaten to overwhelm he and our boys. *cough* *cough* When he finally manages to get it out of the car, out of the gas soaked box, and into the yard, he discovers that there's no manual or key so the thing won't even work. Makes me return to HD the next morn to see if we can't get the floor model's stuff, and, after waiting an hour to talk to the manager (who never showed), I had to use my tremendous power of persuasion to get the HD employee to give me the goods instead of the joe who walked up at the last minute wanting to buy the floor model. One of my few true talents: I could argue my way out of a box. A gasoline soaked box.

Now we're trying to locate the fifty million flashlights and lanterns we own but cannot seem to find. Pathological disorganization has its downside. Ooh, but now it's time to get ready to take my laptop over to Apple so I can finally get a new cord. Yay.


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