Aug. 24th, 2011

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There's definitely a dearth of sneezing prompts over at the kinkmeme. Must emend. God, is there anything sexier than the thought of Giles achooing all over Buffy?

Today my daughter is having her wisdom teeth out. She is going to suffer. I hate when my babies suffer. :(

Went to the mall to get another new power cord for my MBP, completely forgetting that I have to make an appt to have them replace the cord for freesies, just like I have to do every time their crappy cords fizzle while still under warranty. And just like every other time, I was pissed off when I (re)discovered this was their policy. Doh.

Then I bought my daughter an iPhone 4, even though the 5 will most likely be released in weeks - the dude even said as much, but she is currently phoneless, which to a teen is the equivalent of being armless. Or toothless. Or friendless. And then I proceeded to the nearest kiosk to buy her an OtterBox, because even though they are hideously large, me mommy, who has one, dropped her iPhone under her car and then it rained for two days straight and when my husband found it, her phone was still in perfect condition. Sold.


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