Aug. 20th, 2011

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Watched this short interview with Emily Head. Holy lookalikes, Batkids, it's like watching a mini female version of her dad. Neat! And somewhat unsettling.

Erm, let's see, what else? Have decided to add stories in which Giles is referred to solely as Rupert to fics I can no longer read. The field is narrowing - and beggars can't be choosers - what's wrong with me? Dunno. But his name is Giles. You can refer to him as Rupert here and there, but exclusively? Meh. That's like reading those fics in which Buffy is called Elizabeth. Why not just decide to call Xander Alexander as long as you're making shit up? It is his real name, after all.

Ooh, I'm on a roll. Whoever should I alienate next?

I know: people who ask me to repost shit on fb. Stop. It just makes me hate you.

Huh. There's a day's work for you.
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Hey, I just remembered that it's [ profile] fairygothmum's birthday. Hope you had a wonderful day! :D


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