Jul. 29th, 2011

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All right. I officially have one too many real name accounts on g+. I hope they let me have my seldomifever one back soon. I'd sneak, but I can't afford to lose three years worth of emailz if they catch me using a psued and then cruelly kill all my info. I'd quit one of my accounts, but it seems like you lose your gmail name too if you do so. That's awful creepy if true. Still, no one from high school is on + yet, so I cannot complain, even though I am.

Husband and daughter are stuck in traffic five miles from the Bourne Bridge. Rejoice, for they are near!

Aaannd! The electrician is back for a third time, and may just be able to fix our rental house woez soonly. Yay! I love this guy. Love his Boston accent, love his Irish name. So classically Massachusetts. Weird, too, because I hated most of the guys I knew like him when I lived here. What can I say? I am a puzzle wrapped in an enigma shrouded in mystery buried under layers of fat.


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