Jul. 19th, 2011

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Dudes, there's an actual book printed now, today, in modern times, that encourages women to learn to cook meals that will help catch a man. I - I - I - I am appalled!*

Seriously. Dig these quotes from Martha Stewart's show's site:

"Cindi Leive shares the suitor-catching recipe for roasted 'engagement' chicken..."

"Rumor has it this easy-to-make roast chicken with ultra-crisp skin and subtle lemon flavor from Glamour magazine's '100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know' cookbook will inspire your boyfriend to pop the question. Serve with Baked New Potatoes for a marriage-worthy meal"

or from Martha's twitter feed: "A dish that will get the man in your life to propose?"

Martha? Martha? The queen of uber-competent self-sufficient women? Dayum. I am disheartened.

In all fairness, I refuse to watch the segment, and it is possible they apologize for being so completely offensive, but still. Dark days, my friends. Dark days.

*points to anyone who can remember which Mel Brooks movie I'm quoting here (cause i can't)
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God, I'm so miserable. Post posting crash? Who cares.


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