Jul. 6th, 2011

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Wrote a lot today in between visiting with my friend and her son. Not dream story, though. I began with an exercise and liked where it was going, so I'm hoping I have enough time to turn it into something passable by next week.

It's been so long since I've watched BtVS, I'm a little nervous the voices I hear in my head aren't close enough to the ones in the show. Must rewatch a bit I think, even though I risk complete paralyzation in doing so. Joss can be a little intimidating.

I finally heard from my little girl tonight. She's happy. Wonderful news.

Husband's lousy job wants him to spend four days in New Jersey next week. Crummy news.

My dog peed in the house this afternoon. Seriously, what is wrong with him? He peed in the house once last year - is this a normal dog thing? He never even walked toward the back door. He just got up from lying on the rug in the living room and walked a couple of feet and peed. Is he acting out? Is he ill? It's distressing.


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