Jun. 24th, 2011

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Well, kittykins, we hit the last day of school. More of a whimper than an alley-oop. And all the Kinder are super crankypants. But we shall rally, and happiness shall reign in the kingdom whonce more.

Has anyone noticed how much time Anthony Head seems to have on his hands these days? Bad newseth for Uther, methinks. Shouldn't he be in LA filming Free Selve-Absorbed Somewhat Shitty People by now? He'll prolly show up for the Comicon and never leave.

Peter Falk died today. Most sad making. I've loved him all my life. Used to watch Columbo with my mom when I was wee little and then watched it with my own kids when they were wee little. Did I ever mention my doctor is exactly like Columbo? Only picture a white rumpled jacket instead of a raincoat and you pretty much have it. He does all the mannerism - it's a hoot! Only my doctor doesn't speak in complete sentences. He's all mumbly. Does a lot of poking and playful tousling, while blurting out random words. I'm always shocked when he calls me on the phone and sounds like a normal person.

He went on a half-articulate mini rant (filled with the usual gestures and grunts) this afternoon about the state of our country. Got himself quite worked up. Said some really awful things and a few things I agreed with. About ten minutes into it, I finally touched him on the shoulder, laughed, and said, "You're the nicest man alive - who knew you were so angry?" And he looked up in surprise and clear as a bell said, "I'm not angry" before grumbling and gesticulating once more.

But don't let him fool you. Anybody who is that down on everything and everyone is fucking po'd. He's as mad as hell, and he's not gonna take this any more.


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