Jun. 9th, 2011

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Husband totally stepped up to the plate. Super last minute, but better than nothing. And all I had to do was have a mini tantrum and say, "I'm going to have to divorce you" and then he was fine. Pulled his head out of work for two hours in the middle of the day, no problem. And when we returned, he worked and all thoughts of spousicide had vanished. I could hardly even remember feeling angry.

Meeting went as well as any we've ever attended. Basically, son's school psychologist gave him nearly everything he needed. I might have to go a few more rounds over his aide issue, but, for the most part, there is a chance next year won't be a complete disaster.

Older son has been happy every day this week, why? Girls. They're talking to him and making a fuss and he could care less about bullies and homework and hating school as long as he's getting attention from girls, apparently. My therapist is always telling me he needs to find his passion. Maybe he has. And as long as he doesn't have sex until he's thirty, I'm all for it.

Today is supposed to hit 100. Would be so much easier to take without this stupid headache. Tylenol might help, but since I'm all about not stressing my liver these days, the fewer meds, the better. I think I need to find more holistic ways of deal with my numerous ailments. But not the kind that involve taking non-regulated supplements. They frighten me more than pharma meds do. I'm thinking more Easternish. But not the killing tigers or rhinos and grinding their various body parts down into ancient meds kind of Easternish. Maybe something more meditatey.

Fuck, my head hurts.
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God. My therapist just hit on a couple of points that have left me raw. Oof.

He may just fix me yet.


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