Jun. 7th, 2011

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I am reading A Moveable Feast and it is good.

It helps me stay in a Parisy frame of mind, which in turn lends itself to Parisy type writings. Last time, I watched all sorts of French movies in French, which can also be good for mood building, but often times isn't. Sometimes, after, I'm left wanting nothing more than to smack the French filmmaker upside the head for thinking his merde don't stink. What do you mean "a hilarious farce"? That was fucking crap!

Today we are to see daughter win awards. We have no hint as to how many she will be getting or for which subjects, which makes it all terribly, terribly exciting. When we go to our daughter's school it's like we're celebrities: "You're *her* parents? How proud you must be!" When we visit older son's school, we are also famous, but no one tells us we should be proud (even though we are): You tortured our kid and he survived. Isn't he awesome?

Tomorrow is son's CSE meeting. I loves CSE meetings. They're fun! And anyone who tells you otherwise is a no good stinking foul-mouthed liar. Yeah.


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