May. 24th, 2011

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Ok, Universe, how long am I expected to wait for new Anthony Head performances? Merlin ended in December. It's nearly June. I am in pain, can't you see?

Read an article on Syria this morning in the Times. Loved this quote:

Ghaddar added that she recently returned from New York City, where she ran into rival demonstrations in Central Park between people who insisted that horse-drawn carriages there were just fine and animal-rights activists who argued that these street carriages endangered horses: “I thought, ‘Oh, my God! I just want to live in a country where you have the luxury to worry about animal rights,’ ” not human rights. “We are still so far from that luxury.”

Hrm. I guess if the universe doesn't give a hoot about the suffering of these people, it's not going to be moved by my plea for more Anthony Head. :/

In unrelated news, am I the only one who finds Bill Gates' involvement in overhauling education no different than the Koch bros financing the Tea Party movement? Hey, billionaires, fuck off. We don't need you to decide what's best for us.


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