May. 7th, 2011

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First things first. Happy Birthday, dearest [ profile] divadea! Hope today was filled with joy!

Next things next. We took the Kinder to see Crosby and Nash last night. I love them to pieces, but fuck, they put on one boring-ass show this time around. It was all, "I love cameras, so I wrote a song about loving cameras, called 'Wish I owned a camera'." Or, "Read this article on burying toxic waste, so I wrote this song about burying toxic waste, called 'Don't Dig Here'." Oy! Yer killing me, fellas. Once we made it through the whale songs, et al, they cranked it up for the last bit, playing faves like "Almost Cut My Hair", which seriously made me forgive them for suffering through all that slow, dreary shit from earlier, because nothing on this earth sounds finer than David Crosby letting loose. Damn.

One thing surprised me, though: In the midst of all their hippy chatter, Nash proclaimed, "Good shot" in re Osama bin bin-eo-bad. Hey, um, didn't you used to be a pacifist, like, 2 seconds ago? Which brings me to an interesting, if pointless, article in The Times on the psychology of such whooping upping. Comments are worth a look, but mostly because they validate my take on these matters. And, honestly, isn't that what we're all looking for - my validation?


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