Apr. 22nd, 2011

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Cleaning younger son's room/sorting toys all afternoon. Always disconcerting when reminded we own a 100 million pieces of Lego. Also, crazy heaps and mounds of Star Wars toys. Yipes!

I think an LJ friend finally figured out who I am on Tumblr. I'm kind of stupidly happy about that. Do not ask me why.

I suddenly have an overwhelming desire to write again. Maybe because my brain would do anything to get out of finishing tidying up. We've been making serious progress, though, and it would be a mistake to stop. Whenever I wonder if I should keep some random piece of junk, I picture those poor people on Hoarders refusing to part with used Ziplock bags or old pencil stubs and think, there but for the grace of god, and chuck the stuff instead. It seems to be working. But I'm running out of steam. Fast.

Have any of you seen Downton Abbey? The first season is on Netflix and it is good. If you're into period pieces, you might want to check it out.


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