Apr. 2nd, 2011

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Saw Jane Eyre's latest incarnation today and may I just say, Ugh! Worst. Eyre. Evar. Not the actress, just the film. Long, dark, boring...I didn't think it was posible for me to despise this story in any form, and yet! How could I love an Eyre in which there is absolutely no chemistry between Jane and Mr Rochester whatsoever? Beautifully filmed, well acted, and-and-and nothing. Nada. Zip. Bupkis. Too bad too. I wanted to love it so.

Just read this bio on Micardo Rontalban(TM) over at IMDb and it ended like this:

A class act who was beloved in the industry for his gentle and caring nature, the long-term effects of his spinal injury eventually confined him to a wheelchair in his later years. He died in his Los Angeles home of complications from old age on January 14, 2009, at age 88. His wife having died in 2007, he was survived by their two daughters and two sons: Laura, Anita, Victor and Mark.

Hrm. Is it just me?

We picked up our new car Thursday. Have I told you that it is the fanciest schmanciest? Yowsa. Husband feels guilty owning it - says it makes him feel sinful. All that from an American car. Imagine how bad he'd feel in an actual high-end vehicle. I, on the other hand, am loving it. But I've always been bad. I'm a bad girl. A bad, bad, dirty, naughty girl.

Also, this. Ew.


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