Feb. 13th, 2011

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Where have I been for days on end? DYING! I've had a stomach bug and a fever that's hovered between 101 and a 103 since Friday. Was thisclose to heading to the hospital this morning after I noticed this horrid rash spreading across my arms and legs, but my GP is convinced through my description over the phone that my illness is viral. If he is wrong, well. I don't even wanna go there.

My daughter's show aired tonight and I was hardly in it. Yay!! She filmed two more eps on Friday that I was forced to miss on account of DYING, but I know now that it's just as nice to see it on teevee as it was to be there live.

Should we take bets on whether or not we'll fly out to Florida on Wednesday as planned? Erm, I'm guessing no, but I can't give up hope. Not just yet. My poor little family is so excited about this trip, I hate to disappoint.


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