Feb. 9th, 2011

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So, I was just a complete ass at the supermarket. Fortunately, it wasn't the one by my house, so I can just avoid the place from now on.

And I've just had the good sense to delete the entire stupid story of what happened there, so I won't be chasing one dumb mistake (getting pissy at the store) with another (posting about it). Whew! Close one!

In other news, on FB this morning, Head said he hasn't been allowed to post about the Thatcher biopic on his website until today. Hrm, then why was his involvement in all the papers a month ago? Weihd. It seems I owe poor web lady Liz an apology for thinking she's just ridiculously slow (in relative internet time) at her job.

Also, although he doesn't mention it, Sarah says ASH is filming another movie as well. Does he don a fat suit in either of these flicks? He seemed to indicate he's gonna be in some crazy get-up during that recent radio interview. If he does go puffy, I won't be happy. Just what the world needs - more fat people being ridiculed. Last acceptable prejudice? Dunno. You tell me.
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When people don't post a lot, I feel it's my civic duty to fill the void. Make me stop.

Had a gabillion hits to my site today by the same dozen people. What on earth could I have said that brought them here over and over and over again? Perhaps it is time to get a-friends locking, although I've always felt that wasn't very egalitarian. Lurkers are people too. People who happen to have an aversion to wet feets.

I know I whine an awful lot about FB, but I think it's mainly because the site makes me feel bad. Do I want to keep running into people I hate through mutual friends? Uh-uh. But I can't seem to quit. I'm addicted to peering into other people's lives. Voyeur in extremis. Maybe that's why I loathe the friends lock. It goes against my nature.

Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah , wah.

Hey, and are any of you following Suburbanhaiku or Andy Borowitz on Twitter? You should. They're funny!

All right. I'm done blathering. Fer now.


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