Feb. 7th, 2011

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It's so sad when I post something obnoxious that at the time amuses me to no end and then embarrasses me forever after.

I am not doing super well kiddos. No idea why. I'm not depressed, just hellbent on self destruction. Not a good place to be. I wanna be all super take chargey and instead I'm all ouch, my back hurts, I'm hungry, let me overeat and then feel sick. :/

Also, writing is going nowhere fast. Why? Is it all the drugs I'm hopped up on for my back? Mebbe.

Vet called me today and said kittens still have worms! After all those dewormings? How is that possible? We change their box and scoop. We're completely compulsive. Why, kittens, why? I asked vet if it was possible the worms have become resistent to the medicine. Probably not, she said. She'd get back to me. Since I haven't heard from her in, like, ten hours, I'm guessing she didn't mean today.

Now I'm beginning to feel like we might get worms. How would you know? It's taking all my effort not to look up the symptoms lest I suddenly begin to feel each and every one of them after doing so. *sigh* Being super neurotic can be so exhausting at times.


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