Jan. 20th, 2011

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Took son to the cardiologist today. She didn't see anything that could cause fainting, but did find the tiniest leak in his mitral valve that now needs to be checked annually. Terrif. She did say it would help if he kept his fluids up, so he now has to drink a half a gallon a day. Makes me have to pee just thinking about it.

Um, what else? Husband has thrown his back out. First time ever. And we're supposed to have another 6 inches of snow tonight. I can't use my arms and husband can't use his back. We are both now officially completely useless. Luckily, we have kids who can do all our schleping, shoveling, et al, until we're back up and about. Hooray! Take that, old age.
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I didn't even realize - today is Buffy's 30th birthday. And Joss gave her yet another wonderful surprise just in time. What a thoughtful guy!


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